Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I can't believe I missed it! National Cheese Pizza Day was September 5th! Why, that was even a Saturday this year!

I tend to think that cheese pizzas are often under-rated. I mean really how often do people think to themselves, "I'm gonna order pizza and its not gonna to have any toppings!" I mean, even vegetarians order green peppers or onions or something. Am I right? Am I right??

Well, ok, maybe that's a broad generalization, but regardless, I think cheese pizza gets a bad wrap because of the lack of interesting cheese used. I once made a pizza with fresh buffalo mozzarella, blue cheese, and some other random cheese I had and it was very interesting (and delicious). And it would be pretty easy to broaden the cheese pizza selection by making it Mexican with chihuahua cheese or Greek with feta. So, I'd like to give a belated shout out to cheese pizza and National Cheese Pizza Day!

Just as a heads up, here's some other pizza holidays to make sure and mark in your iphones, blackberrys, wall-calendars, or where-ever else you need to so you remember to eat pizza!

- February 9th - National Pizza Pie Day (sorry Cup O' Pizza, we'll have to get you your own day!)
- October 12th - National Sausage Pizza Day
- November 12th - Pizza with Everything Day

And finally because it won't all fit on just one day, the second week of January is National Pizza Week. And the best week ever? The second week of February is The "American Pizza Bake Week"!

Happy Holidays, Everyone.

Piece out.

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  1. Wow, I am bit jealous as such days don't happen in my country. Lucky people, don't miss the next event, I mean who can miss event which have pizza in it