Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What about Clemente's, Vitale's, und Der Pizza Haus?

The Detroit Free Press has ranked the top pizza pies in the area.

A couple of confusing omissions and inclusions, but on the whole, looks pretty good. I've got many a pizza to be introduced to and re-acquaint myself with.
Though how Pizza Papalis continues to wind up on "best of" lists is beyond me. I'm not the only person I know who feels like total crap after eating it. Sure it tastes good going down, but if you're doubled over a half-hour later, the flavour is moot!
Just my two centons.



  1. I was surprised in this list how many pizza joints I'd a.) never heard of, and b.) never been to. And I second the honorable delegate from Champaign on his Pizza Papalis initiative. What the fromage? Pizza Papaspattering sh-.

  2. I disagree on Pizzapapalis... its is the shiznit! The crust is buttery silky goodness, the sauce tastes fresh (if you get it in Greektown) and they do a great bunch of toppings over there.

    Add to all that, PP is the "only" decent chicago style pizza in Detroit... I suspect your problem is with chicago-style rather than PP. But I'm a huge fan of both.

    That said, there's a lot on the list that looks great! I've heard good things about Green Lantern before, but never been, that's definitely on the list!