Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey Kids! Look a Frisbee!

I can't remember going to Shakey's more than once, but this makes me wish I had. Here's a close-up examination of the collapse of Shakey's Pizza, through the lens of Youtube. As you will see, Shakey's has changed pretty substantially since its founding in 1954... and not for the better, I'm afraid.

First up, a tribute to what made Shakey's great in the first place...

The bears eating pizza with the little "Goldilocks" is a little bit creepy, but it sure makes me want some pizza.
Now here's another 1970's Shakey's ad, that sold me with the "And beer" chucked in for good measure to help get Dad on board... In 1978, the Shakey's Pizza box took center stage: Finally, as Shakey's (and most of America) attempted to "shake" off the 1970's, their focus shifted a bit (and probably contributed to their big decline, why would anyone go to Shakey's for pasta?!?!?) Then we come to more recent times (early 2000's I believe), and believe me, I'd much rather eat at place with creepy bears than THIS shakeys... And finally, we come to the disaster that is this 2006 spot, which apparently was targeting Asian Americas or Hispanics?!? Most of the Shakey's left are in California, so I guess that's likely... No worries, Cup O' Pizza sure won't get watered down like this. Not as long as I'm alive, anyway.


  1. The last two commercials are not for the US Shakey's chain. My guess is they are for the stores in the Phillippines. The American franchisor is now a separate corporation from the worldwide franchisor.